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Texans Support More Rehab, Less Prison for Drug Offenders

People charged and convicted of non-violent drug offenses in Texas can face harsh consequences, including being sentenced to prison. Many non-violent drug offenders end up going to prison in Texas, which is very costly for the state and can make life more difficult for offenders after they are released from prison.

The impact of sending non-violent drug offenders being sent to prison instead of rehab has been discussed in the media, and many studies have shown that rehab and treatment is often a better option for non-violent offenders compared to prison. The question of what to do with non-violent drug offenders is a difficult one, but many people in Texas believe that sending offenders to prison is not the right answer.

A new poll by the Texas Public Policy Foundation Center for Effective Justice found that more Texans think the state needs to change how they punish non-violent drug offenders. The survey reported that 84 percent of people polled in Texas said that these offenders should be sent to drug rehab instead of prison. The survey also reported that 64 percent of those surveyed said that the state should spend more money on treatment and education programs for drug offenders.

Some of the reasons people support treatment and rehab for non-violent drug offenders is because it costs less than sending someone to prison, and it can help drug offenders become a part of society again.

Texas may want to consider reforming drug crime laws and how non-violent drug offenders are punished. Individuals facing drug charges should also be aware of proposed laws that may change how drug offenders are sentenced in Texas.