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Texas Woman Faces Criminal Charges After Family Dispute

A family’s dynamic is often created by complex situations. Many people who love a family member may have difficulty getting along with him or her or making decisions together, as families are sometimes required to do. The result is sometimes a complicated situation that can simmer with conflict until it finally boils over. In such an incident, it is difficult for outsiders and strangers to fully understand the complexities that might lead up to a conflict. It might be difficult for authorities to get a full picture of events that have led to criminal charges against a woman in Texas.

The events leading to her arrest happened just after midnight one day in late July. Police claim that the 53-year-old woman was visiting relatives, specifically her niece and sister, when violence broke out. Reports indicate that the woman had a gun and threatened to shoot everyone in the house.

Additionally, the woman’s niece alleges that her aunt followed her into a bedroom before punching her sister in the face. The niece and her mother say they were able to lock themselves in the bedroom before calling police. Police reportedly found the woman sitting outside of the house with an unloaded weapon and pills. She was apparently taken into custody without incident.

In a situation such as this, it seems especially difficult to determine the exact events leading to the alleged altercation. In order to gain a conviction of the criminal charges against the woman, Texas prosecutors must prove that she is guilty of the crimes charged beyond a reasonable doubt. Failure to do so means that no conviction is possible. At this time, it is unclear what may have led to the confrontation between the three women or if the accused woman may have felt that her life was in danger in any way.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, "Woman accused of attacking sister, niece Sunday in East Oak Cliff home", Gregory Castillo, July 28, 2014