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Allstate Report Shows Dallas Drivers At Higher Risk For Accidents

Motorists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are as concerned as their counterparts around the state and the nation with safety on the road. Preventing car accidents is something anyone behind the wheel of a car typically wishes for. Even a minor fender-bender can be a cause of frustration and inconvenience and the problems associated with a serious motor vehicle accident are too numerous to list.

The insurance company, Allstate, recently released the results of a study focused on the safety of drivers in nearly 200 American cities. Brownsville, TX was among the safest cities for driving in the nation, with the chance of a driver being involved in an accident at 21 percent below the national average. Unfortunately, the cities in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region did not fare so well. At least nine cities in the area are ranked as some of the most dangerous in the country.

Garland drivers face accidents nearly 50 percent more frequently than the average nationally. Arlington drivers have a more than 36 percent chance of being involved in a car crash when compared to drivers in other cities around the country. Some groups, including some local police departments, do not believe the study was completely fair or accurate but others do and encourage drivers to take notice. Rapid growth and high construction rates are blamed for the high risk of accidents noted in the Allstate report.

Accident risk is real for any driver regardless of location but certainly some circumstances can make it more likely that an accident can happen. Anyone involved in a car or truck accident may be wise to get a professional legal consultation to ensure they are protected.

Source: Dallas News, “Drivers in 9 Dallas area cities among state’s worst in insurance study,” Nick Swartsell, September 18, 2013