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Wrongful Death Suit Against Texas Nursing Home

A Texas nursing home is being sued for wrongful death by a former resident's family. According to the lawsuit, the nursing home and its staff failed to properly treat a urinary tract infection that eventually led to a woman's death.

According to the resident's family, she was staying at the home when she developed a UTI. It was left untreated and spread to her bloodstream. She was moved to a hospital and died three days later from a blood borne infection.

We entrust nursing homes with the care and protection of our loved ones but sometimes they fall short in that objective. Abuse and neglect are a serious problem in many nursing home and they can manifest in many forms. Since nursing homes provide medical care there are opportunities for medical malpractice or errors by health care professionals.

In addition, nursing home neglect can result in bed sores or pressure ulcers from failure to properly move or rotate a patient. These can result in infection but are totally preventable and treatable with proper care. In addition, improper supervision can lead to falls, medication errors and wandering off, all of which can prove dangerous for seniors.

Losing a loved one or sustaining a serious injury as a result on negligence in a nursing home can be devastating. But you shouldn't feel as if you need to weather the storm alone. Consider meeting with an experienced, aggressive personal injury attorney. They can help you protect your rights while pursuing any claims for damages in the form of medical expenses, pain and suffering or lost wages.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, "Mount Pleasant nursing home faces wrongful death lawsuit," Michelle Keahey, Dec. 27, 2013