Lawsuit: Nursing Home Was Negligent In Its Pressure Ulcer Care

Sometimes, nursing home residents develop pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers can cause great pain and can have significant negative health effects. In some severe cases, pressure ulcers can have fatal consequences.

Thus, it is very important for nursing homes to act properly in regards to pressure ulcer prevention, particularly when it comes to residents whose condition makes them particularly vulnerable to the development of pressure ulcers. This can include putting proper protocols in place regarding the rotating and moving of a patient and following such protocols. In some cases, it might also include providing a patient with a special pressure-relieving device.

Recently, here in Texas, a wrongful death case has arisen involving pressure ulcers.

The case involves a now-deceased elderly man who was a resident of a nursing home in Woodway. The man had Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

According to the man's family, the nursing home and its staff acted negligently in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and subsequently failed to provide the man with proper pressure ulcer treatment. Included among the failings the man's family alleges the nursing home and its staff committed was a failure to provide the man with a pressure-relieving mattress in a timely manner.

The man's family claims that the alleged negligence at the nursing home resulted in the man developing pressure ulcers and these pressure ulcers becoming severe enough that they led to his death. The man's death happened on Sept. 29, 2012.

The man's family is suing the nursing home in connection to the above allegations of pressure-ulcer-related negligence.

Source: WacoTrib.com, "Wrongful death lawsuit filed over Woodway nursing home care," Tommy Witherspoon, Jan. 9, 2014