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Texas Man Convicted on Child Pornography, Other Charges

A 36-year-old Texas man faces between 15 years and life in prison after being found guilty on a total of 39 federal charges. The man was convicted of bank fraud, extortion and internet sex crimes, having been accused of coercing young women and girls into sending him nude photographs and engaging in explicit sexual acts through the use of several false personas. The suspect reportedly admitted to 3 of the 39 counts against him but denied the remaining charges, though he did acknowledge that he was present for the crimes.

According to prosecutors, the suspect and his assistant used a number of fake personas to contact young women with modeling offers, eventually coercing them into taking part in overtly sexual activity. A judge accused the suspect of preying on "over one hundred minors, parents, young adults and banks" for the purposes of "fiscal and physical gratification." FBI investigators reportedly identified at least 100 potential victims, though the suspect was only charged in connection to eight individuals, six of whom were underage girls.

While the suspect admitted partial blame for the offenses, he also accused several other parties of responsibility. For example, he argued that an undetermined person had attempted to frame him by planting malicious software on his computer. Similarly, he said his 22-year-old assistant was also at fault for some of the charges. She is currently awaiting sentencing after being convicted of production of child pornography in connection to the case.

The assistant, who was charged after allegedly videotaping the suspect and herself having sex with a 17-year-old and subsequently violating an order prohibiting her from contacting the victim, claimed that the suspect sexually exploited her through the use of his multiple personas.

Individuals accused of sexual assault, fraud or any other criminal offense in Texas should consult with a qualified attorney to ensure their right and interests are properly represented. In many cases, this helps prevent self-incrimination that can lead to conviction and harsh penalties.

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