Cellphone Use While Driving: Dangerous At Any Age

Recently, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted some research looking into which age group of drivers is the most likely to be using a cellphone while driving. The research's results are somewhat surprising.

The research looked at data from a survey that was taken of drivers of various ages. Given the high degree of cellphone use by teens generally, one might have expected that the survey's results would indicate that teenage drivers are the drivers that are most likely to use cellphones when driving.

However, based on the survey's results, the age group that takes the top position when it comes to cellphone use while driving is actually the 25-39 age group. According to the survey's results, when it came to respondents from this age group:

  • 82 percent said that, in the last month, they had used a cellphone while driving.
  • 43 percent said that they drive while using a cellphone fairly often/regularly.
  • 45 percent said that , in the last month, they had sent an email or text from their cellphone while driving.
  • 10 percent said that they text or email while driving fairly often/regularly.

All but the last percentage was the highest for any age group. The last percentage was the second highest for any age group (the 19-24 group had 11 percent of respondents say that they text or email while driving fairly often/regularly).

A natural question that arises in connection to these statistics is: why is cellphone use while driving particularly prevalent among drivers in the 25-39 age group? It will be interesting to see if any future studies focus on this question.

High prevalence of cellphone use while driving in any age group is a matter of major concern. This is because cellphone use can make drivers distracted, and distracted driving is dangerous for drivers of any age or skill level. Distracted driving sometimes results in accidents occurring.

No text, email or phone call is ever worth increasing the likelihood of a motor vehicle accident happening. Thus, one hopes that all drivers here in Texas keep their focus on driving when behind the wheel and avoid engaging in distracted driving.