Safety Of Childrens' Products Receives Top Priority

Every day, Dallas area residents are open to the risk of personal injury. That may come in the form of an automobile accident, a fall on a sidewalk, a workplace injury, or even from the use of defective consumer products. The dangers associated with an unsafe product are real and if related to a child’s toy or other product, can be scary for parents who have a right to know that the items they purchase for their children will not harm them.

The public entrusts the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to monitor all types of consumer products, including those designed for children. A law enacted in 2008 known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) gave the CPSC greater power and control in the quest to ensure dangerous toys or other items did not reach the hands of children. Today, the United States has the strictest rules governing the inclusion of lead in children’s products in the world. It also has the strongest standards for playpens and cribs with similar guidelines expected for bassinets.

The CPSIA gave the CPSC the ability to increase surveillance at U.S. ports to prevent imports of defective products and the ability to impose higher fines for violations. A new domestic testing facility and a presence in Bejing have also contributed to an 80 percent drop in lead-related toy recalls and an increase in the number of toys prevented from entering the country.

The efforts of the CPSC reiterate the importance of careful oversight. Yet despite these efforts, the chance still remains for an unsafe product to find its way into a child’s home or hands. In such situations, it can be important to consult with an attorney to learn how best to protect your child.

Source: Huffington Post, “The law that put consumers first at the CPSC,” Inez Moore Tenenbaum, August 13, 2013