NTSB's Wish List Focuses On Safety This Holiday Season: Part One

The National Transportation Safety Board recently released its annual list of its most-wanted transportation safety improvements. This year's list of ten desirable improvements runs the gamut from issues causing car crashes to safety concerns over aviation and public buses.

First and foremost, NTSB would like to see improvements in vehicle collision prevention. This item focuses on in-vehicle safety measures, such as lane departure warnings, forward-collision warnings, automatic braking and electronic stability control. These tools could help prevent serious car accidents

Not surprisingly, distracted driving also made the top ten safety issues that should be addressed. According to NTSB, states and regulators should ban nonessential use of devices like cell phones and GPS devices while operating a vehicle.

The Board also asked for a comprehensive solution to substance-impaired driving in the form of ignition interlock devices, continuous alcohol-monitoring devices and increased enforcement of impaired driving laws.

Moving to the air, NTSB sees a need for safer airport runways. They would like to see more use of technologies that allow pilots to be more aware of other moving components on runways and tarmacs.

The Board also sees need for improvement of general aviation safety, citing that they still investigate about 1,500 aviation accidents a year. Most of these involve private pilots. Improved training and recurring tests of weather awareness, use of instruments and safety protocol could help pilots fly safer and prevent these accidents.

Next week we'll wrap up NTSB's wish list. The second half includes improvements for city buses, transportation infrastructure and pipelines, among others.

Source: Yahoo! Finance, "NTSB lists most-wanted safety improvements," Nov. 14, 2012