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Dallas Ranks 12th Nationally for Most DUIs

A recent survey published by Insurance.com ranks Dallas as 12th in a list of states with the most drunk driving citations in 2011. This means that Dallas saw more drunk driving arrests than any other Texas city with the exception of Fort Worth, which was ranked 8th. Fort Worth ranked 14th in 2010, while Dallas had the same ranking.

The findings have particularly noteworthy implications for Texas, which saw 94,440 of the nation's total 1.4 million drunk driving arrests in 2010, according to data from the FBI. The state of Texas also saw the United States' highest rate of DWI-related fatalities in 2010. Of the state's total 3,024 roadway deaths, alcohol was involved in 1,102.

In Texas and many other states, the prominence of drunk driving has raised concerns for government officials over how to deal with what they perceive as an increasingly problematic issue. Many state governments have pushed for more effective enforcement policies, such as those requiring first-time drunk driving offenders to have alcohol ignition interlocks installed in their automobiles.

Along with the survey, Insurance.com also included stressed that a high rate of drunk driving arrests does not necessarily indicate a higher number of heavy drinkers. The author of the piece wrote that cities may have ranked high on the list for a number of reasons, including "a lack of public transportation" or a police force that more actively enforces drunk driving laws.

But with a high rate of arrests comes the possibility that some are unwarranted. Any Texas resident arrested on drunk driving charges is afforded the same presumption of innocence that anyone else who is arrested is given, and should be prepared to fight the charges.

Source: Fort Worth Weekly, "Fort Worth Drunker Than Dallas?" Anthony Mariani, Dec. 20, 2011