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NTSB's Wish List Focuses On Safety This Holiday Season: Part Two

Last week we discussed the National Transportation Safety Board's recently-released list of most-wanted transportation safety improvements. NTSB releases such a list every year to highlight their top safety concerns and help transportation experts - and consumers - travel safely.

The first half of the list focused on vehicle collision prevention tools, distracted driving prevention and enforcement, impaired driving enforcement, safer airport runways and general aviation safety improvements.

In the second half of its list, the Board calls out intercity buses as needing a safety overhaul. NTSB asks that bus companies do more to ensure that their drivers are qualified and subject them to regular medical exams.

Next, they ask that aging transportation infrastructure be addressed. Hazards like crumbling roads, falling signs and dangerous bridges can be addressed before they become dangerous if routine inspections are conducted and acted upon.

They aren't solely a transportation issue, but pipelines are another area of focus. NTSB wants operators to be held to performance-based standards and regularly evaluated and tested for alcohol and drugs.

The next item is called "positive train control," which involves installing train control systems that will slow or stop a train that isn't obeying signaling systems. Congress has mandated that this be in place by 2015 but allowed 10,000 of track to be exempt.

Lastly, NTSB would like to see better fire suppression across all modes of transportation. Ferries, airplanes and buses could all benefit from added fire control.

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Source: Yahoo! Finance, "NTSB lists most-wanted safety improvements," Nov. 14, 2012