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Black Boxes Coming To American Autos

The term "black box" is most commonly associated with airplanes. For decades the devices have served as near-indestructible records of information that have aided investigators in the reconstruction of crashes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced earlier this month an upcoming push for new regulation that would require black box data retention devices to be installed in all newly manufactured cars and light trucks. Although the measure is still the subject of some debate, victims of auto accidents both in Dallas and across the country stand to gain a wealth of valuable information that could guarantee a victory in an injury or wrongful death suit.

The use of seat belts, vehicles' speeds, and brake application could all be recorded in detail by the black boxes and saved even in the most destructive of crashes. What often must be hypothesized by investigators may soon be certain, giving victims a surer chance of extracting the just restitution they're owed.

Debate over the institution of black boxes in cars and trucks has come primarily with organizations concerned with drivers' personal privacy, such as the ACLU. Washington seems divided over the idea as well, with Congress rejecting legislation calling for black boxes in 2010 even as the White House has spoken out in support of the measure.

The NHTSA itself may be able to circumvent Congress and institute its own regulatory measures as early as the first months of 2013.

With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney and the potential information boon that black boxes will bring, victims' cases are sure to be strengthened in their work to recoup damages and restitution for a car or truck accident. Those who have been lost a loved one or have themselves been injured in a collision should contact a lawyer as quickly as possible

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