The Serious Toll Of Pedestrian Accidents

We frequently hear stories of cars, trucks and other motor vehicles hitting pedestrians and causing serious injury or death. According to a recent report by Transportation for America, there were more than 47,700 pedestrian deaths and more than 688,000 pedestrian injuries in the first decade of 2000. That's more than one pedestrian accident every 10 minutes!

The same report lists Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth among the top ten most dangerous metropolitan areas in the country for pedestrians. A key reason for this designation involves the way the roads are set up, often without the signals and sidewalks that pedestrians need to stay safe. In fact, most pedestrian accidents occur on roadways without these pedestrian aids.

While smaller communities continue to build pedestrian-friendly roads, there is a push in the U.S. Legislature to take away funding that encourages the construction of safer streets. At the same time, AARP and other organizations are calling for legislation that commits to safe streets for all pedestrians, including older adults that often need more time to cross the street than crossing signals allow.

There are many ways to increase pedestrian safety. First, federal, state and local governments must continue to fund efforts to build pedestrian-friendly streets. Second, we must raise awareness of the danger that pedestrians face and the number of serious and fatal pedestrian accidents that occur every year. Finally, drivers must keep an eye out for pedestrians at all times.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in a Texas pedestrian accident, you may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer near you to learn more.