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Dallas Morning News Looks At Decrease In Texas Nursing Home Oversight

A major Texas newspaper recently published an extensive report on the dangers of elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes. After a lengthy investigation, The Dallas Morning News found that license revocation and cancellation of government contracts have almost disappeared as options for punishing residential facilities that provide negligent or abusive care.

The Dallas Morning News also pointed out that legislative changes have undermined the role of Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers as nursing home watchdogs. Texas lawmakers have also reduced fines and implemented "industry-friendly" oversight policies.

Texas Is Not Doing Enough to Stop Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Among the reporter's discoveries:

  • Background checks performed by state regulators at the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services are sometimes "cursory" and "inaccurate."
  • Fewer inspectors and shorter annual inspections of Texas nursing homes have resulted from reductions in the state enforcement budget.
  • Conditions that were allowed to persist at the notorious Bridgeport Health Care Center northwest of Fort Worth underscore the inability of state regulators to force the nursing home industry to undergo fundamental, necessary changes.

The potential for an unsupervised or neglected nursing home resident to suffer from bedsores, pressure ulcers or broken bones due to a fall is the reason why society holds nursing home owners to standards in the first place. Even worse, those who suffer physical, emotional or sexual abuse due to institutional cruelty are terribly deserved when administrators fail to properly screen applicants for nursing home jobs.

Under such conditions, prevention of nursing home wrongful deaths and other tragedies is more difficult than ever. Experienced and aggressive representation by a Texas nursing home neglect lawyer remains the last hope for justice for many elder abuse victims and surviving family members.