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Texas Heading Toward 85 Miles-An-Hour In Rural Areas

Texas legislators are considering raising the speed limit in some rural areas - where, according to a Ward County sheriff, many drivers already go pretty fast - to a whopping 85 miles per hour. That is likely not very big news for many drivers in rural areas, though it has often been said that any time the speed limit is raised, more motor vehicle accidents happen.

Anne Fleming is a spokeswoman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. As AOL News reports, Fleming said, "This is a settled issue. When you raise speed limits, you have more accidents. Some people get where they're going faster, but some people will die."

But Mikel Strickland, the Ward County sheriff, told AOL News, "We're really rural, so a lot of 'em are already driving 85 anyway." He does go on to caution, though, that if the speed limit is raised to 85 miles per hour, drivers will just go 90 miles per hour.

AOL News reports that the speed limit in Texas is already one of the highest in the U.S.

Many drivers may not see any problem with raising the speed limit, especially in rural areas. But the greater the car's speed, the quicker a driver must react to changing conditions. It takes but one second, a flash of poor judgment, to get involved in a bad car crash. The faster cars are traveling, the worse any given accident is likely to be.